Superyachts Available For Ultra Luxury Trip

The Queen Miri, whose cost is nearly £1.6m per week, has 18 rooms, a pool, a helipad and a home cinema.

The name of the yacht is Nirvana and it has a room for massage, swimming pool, which can be converts to a dance floor on the requirement.

It has glass walls underwater lounge to admire the ocean being under the waves

All these superyachts posses the amenities that can be seen in an ultra-luxury hotel, has an an additional benefit of being mobile.

So if you have millions of pounds to spend on holiday, then come to these superyachts and feel its luxury.

Queen Miri the Charter enables you to cruise the Mediterranean at the cost of £1.6million a week. The superyacht has 18 rooms for the guests, a helipad, which can be converts to a party deck, a Jacuzzi, a pool, a playroom for children and a home cinema.

Whereas, Savannah provides the luxury accommodation at with the starting rate of £895,850 per week, will let you take the tour of the Caribbean and underwater lounge with glass walls. The underwater lounge will give you the opportunity to see the ocean from under the waves, while you move.  Continue reading

Concise 10 Breaks Record

The circumnavigation classic race had a new development around the Isle of Wight. There was a sailing record set by a Trimaran sailing vessel. This record was set by a MOD 70 class vessel by an unexpected turn of events on Saturday.

The Trimaran Concise 10 was able to overturn the time record set by a boat in the same category called Phaedo 3. Concise 10 was found to hit 44 knots or 51 mph. This was near St Catherine’s Point, which was halfway to completing the course. It was on the way to reaching the finishing line and was able to set this new record. Continue reading