Sailing Conference for Women Sailing Soon Going to Take Place

March 7, 2019 index 0Comment

The experienced, as well as new female sailors, have the opportunity to begin sailing life at Sailing Association of National Women (NWSA) taking place at the 18th AWSC taking place on June 1st. It is taking place in Massachusetts.

The year 2019 event will be held at yacht club Corinthian. The event will have various seminars and workshops that will explain how to hold hands on land and water. The event offers women sailors a chance to learn or sharpen their sailing skills. During the event, a network will be created having all women sailors. The sailors from the entire US will be part of this network. This way the women sailors will gain confidence, which is crucial to becoming a good sailor, crew and a knowledgeable skipper.

The chair of the event, Joan Thayer said “We are encouraging all Women suffering from different sailing abilities in a part in this event. This is because, by sharing their experiences, women have improved knowledge and skills that will help them and make them better on the water. In 20 different workshops, something for everyone’s interest will be there.”

We are getting financial support from some major supporters of women sailing and this includes, sailing school Black Rock, USBoat, US BOA. The support provided by different organizations is helping NWSA by meeting as well as to continue to organize such an event.

During the event, there would be some women sailors who will go on the water for the first time. They will also improve their sailing and could also trim their skill of boat-handling skills in the workshop that is for keelboat Sonar 23-foot.

Thayer said “It is good and easy to understand and learn about these one-design boats than on the large size boats. This was the immediate reaction to the action you did.”

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